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Everyday kimono "Black with Rainbow wings" short 75cm - Warriors of the divine

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Handmålad  kimono från Warriors of the divine. Kortare modell, 75cm. Denna är handmålad på Bali (Ubud) av väldigt skickliga konstnärer, enligt gamla sättet att måla batik.

Warriors of the divine är så stolta över sättet deras kläder produceras. Etiskt arbete där varje anställd som hjälper till med att skapa kläderna får minsta rättvisa lön eller mer (enligt den Indonesiska regeringen) Samt en säker, ljus och välventilerad miljö.

  • Material:100% 1:a klass ultramjuk viscose
  • Färg: Svart med rainbow wings
  • Längd: 75cm
  • Storlek: One size

Varje kimono är individuellt handmålade enligt gamla batikpraxis. Eventuella inkonsekvenser bör inte betraktas som brister, utan som en unik del av plagget och indikation på att det är handgjort. Eftersom färgerna blandas individuellt varje gång kan färgerna variera med 10-20%.

Känn dig lyxig med denna gudomliga kimono som följer så vackert dina former. Bär den som ett uttryck för gudinnan som finns inom dig - det är du. För det är sanningen. DU är så gudomlig!

"Förvänta dig inget mindre än mirakel när du bär denna kimono. Denna underbara kimono är Warriors of the divine´s signaturdesign. Den bär energi och vägledning av Ärkeängeln Gabriel" Längre ner står en längre och mer utförlig förklaring vad grundaren Lisa menar med detta (på Engelska)

Hur sköter jag min nya exklusiva kimono?
Din nya kimono är ett stycke konst och bör verkligen hanteras som det. 

- Kemtvätt / Handtvätt. 
- Strykning ut och in (absolut ej över målningen) på medium-läge. För bästa resultat spraya sedan tyget med vatten före strykning. 
- Varje kimono är gjord för hand och kokas för att slutföra batikprocessen och för att avlägsna vaxet (så färgen sitter). Därför upplever du ingen färgförlust eller krympning med detta föremål. 
- Efter tvättning, torka i skugga för att undvika att solljuset bleker din kimono.

Lisas story: "While in Bali in 2010 I visited a well known physic by the name of ‘White Star’. In my session she told me that Archangel Gabriel was with me strongly guiding me and that I would return within 3 months to Bali to start some sort of import/export business. She asked if I knew what it was. I replied ‘No idea’. She told me that eventually I would come to live in Bali and call Bali home. I walked out of that session thinking ‘HaHa, I wish!’. A week later I returned to my home Byron Bay with 12 angel wing kimonos to hopefully sell to a few friends. I decided to take them to the Byron Bay market, but literally sold out of them the day before when I took them to a friend’s store to steam them up for the market. In a series of events I sold 9 kimonos in 3 hours just from wearing it. I was stunned. It was quite miraculous. One woman even followed me in her car to a petrol station to find out where I got my kimono from. That night the idea came to me ‘Could I design and make Fashion?!’. I spent the night looking at what I would need to get together. I was already in some debt and only had a few thousand dollars of credit left. I had given up my full time career to raise my son and I was currently living on the government Single Parent pension. The next day I went to the beach in the afternoon. I found a quiet spot by myself. I really couldn’t afford to start this new business and have it fail. I really needed a sign. So I got down on my hands and knees and spoke to the sky/universe and said ‘Please help me and guide me, I am willing to do this business, but I really need a BIG sign from you either way because if it doesn’t work I think it might just break me. So..Yes or no? Thank-you’. I got up and walked to meet my friends for a beach BBQ. A friend of mine Anna had brought her mum along Kaye whom I had never met before. I noticed after a while that she was catching my eye. She eventually spoke from the other end of the table and said ‘Please, excuse me, I hope you don’t mind but I am an angel reader and I have been ill lately and haven’t been doing many readings, but I am getting very strong messages for you if you would like to hear them?’. I went and sat opposite her. ‘She continued to say ‘ Archangel Gabriel is with you and guiding you strongly at the moment. If you are thinking about starting a business the answer is ‘YES’. She then continued to talk and she saw visions of the kimonos I had already made and described the colors to me. She told me without a doubt I should start this business. I had goosebumps all over my body. Who was I to argue with angels? And so within a few months, as predicted by White Star I was back in Bali starting my new business. A year later I decided to move to Bali to follow my dreams to eventually become a ‘Warrior of the Divine’.

My Philosophy: I Believe in Angels. I rely on Miracles. It is my wish that every woman dress from the space of expression and celebration of herself as Divine.

My Style:  Designed for women whose thoughts wander off the edge of the world, my clothing is becoming recognized for its bohemian flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness. However, the real beauty exists within the production of the clothing. The kimono’s and silks are produced by hand using ancient batik hand painting methods. The traditional process of the clothing is a ‘labor of love’ and a beautiful hand crafted journey that transcends to the wearer.

My Resolve: to create exquisite hand crafted pieces that exist only behind a story of ethics. Feel assured that the beautiful, skilled Balinese workers who make my clothing receive reasonable working conditions and a fair wage. "